“she has introduced belly dancing to more than 5000 people around the world” – The Sydney Morning Herald

Now Anyone Can Easily Learn How
To Belly Dance @Home, Having Fun While
No One Is Watching, With
FREE Hip Scarf & Private Feedback!

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Yes! You Can Learn To Belly Dance Easily @Home!
12 Full Lessons in Your First 12 Weeks To Take You
From Beginner To Fully-Fledged Belly Dancer!


Professional Belly Dance Instructor
Happy Hips Belly Dance
Melbourne, Australia

“Imagine learning that your body was MADE to belly dance RIGHT NOW. I want to show you how many assets you have at your disposal, so you can dance like a veteran and won’t stop grinning with confidence”

You Can! I’ll show you how, in the privacy of your own home in 12 short weeks
You’ll save money, time, effort (and that pesky risk of humiliation at live classes)

“students can rewind to practice as often as they wish, without the fear of holding up the rest of the class.”
– The Melbourne Age

The Happy Hips @Home Belly Dance Membership Program is straightforward:

Your First 3 Months includes more than 12 full-length lessons with a total time of over 6 hours [372mins] showing you step-by-step the core steps and combinations of Egyptian Style Belly Dance, with no guesswork left to you.

  • 12 Full-Length Lessons of more than 372mins runtime
  • Powerful yet easy-going lessons presented step-by-step
  • Thorough coverage of core Egyptian Style Belly Dance
  • Designed from the start for beginners: Experts love the program too!
  • Learn over 20 body moves, each clearly demonstrated from multiple angles and clearly explained
  • Be up and dancing quickly: All basic moves covered in your first 2 hours
  • Multiple viewing angles, including up close shots for the more tricky moves

Belly Dance Lessons Online Introduces…

12 Lessons in 1st 12 Weeks
Over 6 hours of full-length
lessons to take you to your
first choreographed dance

Effective & Nurturing
Learning something new can be
overwhelming. I have you covered,
as I had to learn the hard way and
will show you how to avoid my mistakes

Professional Guidance
This program will give you
a deep understanding of
Egyptian Style Belly Dance

Why Should You Join In The Fun?

12 Full-Length Lessons In Your First 12 Weeks

Your first 3 Month course will get you easy step-by-step instructions of over 6 hours. The first 2 hours will get you started with basic moves and you’ll finish your first 12 weeks with a fully choreographed dance just like the professionals!

Nurturing, Easy-Going, Powerful & Funny

Give your tummy muscles an extra workout, laughing at my stories & descriptions while you get extra encouragement and guidance from my 15 years of teaching experience. I’ll show you how your body is perfect whatever shape you come in.

Teaching Online since 2011

Having been teaching women just like you Online, for over 8 years, I have taken the experience of my in-person classes and brought them directly to you, almost as though you are right there with me.

FREE Hip Scarf In Your Choice Of Colour

I want you to feel the part while belly dancing, so I am going to send you a jangly-coin hip scarf straight to your door as my gift to you!

Created For Beginners & Great Review Material For Experts

Not only have I broken down each step into easy lessons, each technique builds on previous lessons. Learn how to move your body in new ways, gain new confidence, find muscles you’ll swear are new, and do it all injury-free [safely]

Professional Video Production

Everything, from the studio location, lighting, cameras & audio have been selected for the best learning experience possible. Clearly see everything and hear every word as though you are right there with me!

5 Fast Start Lessons

Bonus primer lessons to get your hips happy straight away.  Learn the basics in around 20 minutes!

Video Feedback

This is the most important part. You get to show me what you have learned and I can help you tweak your dancing. I love seeing my students dance, so I insist on giving feedback every 3 months.

Below is a taste of what learning with me is like.

Enjoy 2 easy ways to watch these video lessons:


I’ll send you a link
every week to get you
going on each each lesson,
that easy!


Log into your members
area and get instant access
to all of your lessons!

Here are a few details about what is included in your lessons

All Core Moves of Egyptian Belly Dance
Basic Hip Flicks
Double Hip Flicks
Basic & Advanced Shimmies
Figure 8’s for Hips and Upper Body
Hip Circles Full & Broken
Travelling Moves

Easy Arm & Hand Moves
Advanced Arm & Hand Moves
Upper Body Moves
Putting the Belly into Belly Dance
Travelling & Stationary Move Combinations
The “King Tut” Sequence
& More!

I like the way she teaches so much, and she can teach you so much more than you think. The feedback videos are also very helpful, it makes you learn even more and gives you the chance to grow as a dancer.
I would recommend the eClasses to everyone even when you are not sure you can do it. Just give it a try and see what you can do and how much fun you can have with it.
Thank you Charni for being such an amazing Belly Dance teacher!

Magali, Belgium

Lessons So Much Fun You’ll Wonder Where The Time Went…

 Tell you what…

I have built this program from the ground up, with step-by-step instructions in Full-Length Lessons teaching safe, solid, correct technique from the beginning. Every video is a Complete Lesson including warm-up, practise and cool-down with stretches.

We’ll start with basic belly dancing moves and at the end of your first 12 weeks will have combined them into a choreographed dance!

I will guide you through easy steps built on each previous step, starting SLOWLY before speeding up.

Combine Hips, Upper Body, Arms & Hand Movements into a graceful dance made of your body.

The fact is: Belly Dance Lessons Online’s Happy Hips @Home with Charni (that’s me) is guaranteed to nurture you to belly dancing prowess quickly and easily.

Have A Look At What Some Of My Happy Students Have To Say

Of course you don’t have to just take my word for it!
Check out what my students with Happy Hips have to say about it:


I've been wanting to learn belly dancing for a very long time, but had trouble finding the right class with my busy schedule. Most online videos don't take the time to introduce you to the dance, like you did. I really appreciated that. You are very friendly and fun to learn from and you make everything look so easy!

Amara Schubert, California USA

With my job I travel a lot, so the online classes are really good because when I am not in town and staying at hotels, I can watch the videos on my iPad, which makes it really fun and I don’t miss out. When I’m doing the videos, I really like the fact that sometimes it does feel like she’s actually there, she’ll be like “keep your knees bent!” and I’ll be like, “oh yeah! How did she know that?”

Sheree, Mulgrave, Victoria Australia

Hi Charni, I just want to say that I am loving – totally loving – the eClasses. I really like the way you clearly break down all the moves and slowly build up that difficulty level. And the best part is that I can rewind it when I need to practise certain sections. And I can rewind as often as I want. I love the fact that this is a dance style that anyone, any shape or age can participate in. Who would have thought my curves would come in handy? It feels so good to do something for me. You know my friends have commented on the new spring in my step!

Jo, Wisconsin USA

Hello I am 55 years old not unfit completely… I really enjoyed the online classes, you explained well and you are friendly, and make one feel they are in a class….Thank you again, you have brightened my day.

Gail Grady, Queensland, Australia

So I did the lessons, and I am SO glad I did. Bits that haven’t moved for years are feeling GOOD now. I have only been practising a short time, but I can’t believe how much better I feel. I really feel I can do this and it will help me a lot.

Morgana, Queensland, Australia

Lessons With Me 24/7

I carefully and clearly explain each move and combination with patience and visual examples. If you feel at any point that you missed something important, you can always stop and go back to replay until you have each part mastered!

By learning Belly Dancing with me, online, it’s like you have private lessons, at any time of the day – or night – as long as you need, 1-on-1 at home (while no one is watching and being all judgy)!

Remember, I cover all the core Classical Egyptian moves with over 6 hours of easy-going, effective, & most importantly FUN Full-Length Lessons over 3 months, that will have you enjoying the skin you are in. There’s no other program out there as good as mine for starting out!

If that wasn’t enough, I’ll be there reminding you every step how far you are progressing and keep you motivated with my quirky stories and cute anecdotes

Order Now & I’ll Throw The Following Bonuses In For FREE!

I am so excited to teach you how to Belly Dance, that there are some extras you’ll get by joining now.

So act Now! The following 4 bonuses are normally a part of a regular membership at Belly Dance Lessons Online, but today, I’ll give you all of them just for signing up! Hurry! I think I am offering too much and they might be gone if you delay!

Bonus #1 FREE Hip Scarf of Your Choice

As I mentioned earlier, I want you to feel the part while Belly Dancing, and what better way than with your own hip scarf?  Get a jangly-coin hip scarf in your choice of colour sent straight to your door as my way of saying “welcome!” 🙂

Valued at $15  FREE!

Bonus #2 Costume Tips & Tricks for Happy Hips

Learn the basics of dressing yourself to Belly Dance as I show you the key things to know:
• 24mins total
• When do you need a costume?
• How to choose the right costume
• Simple low-cost DIY options
• Creating mystery
• Avoid these key mistakes when choosing your bra!
• How to show your belly – without actually showing it!
• Example DIY costumes that I wear!

Normally  $12 FREE!

Bonus #3 Music & Musicians Every Belly Dancer Should Know

Discover what makes for good belly dancing music.  I’ll get you started in the right direction with these 3 videos
• 3 videos – 112mins total
• Songs every belly dancer should know
• My Top (18) songs to get you started
• How to choose songs to dance to and what to look out for
• Classical Musicians every belly dancer should know
• My Top (12) classical musicians
• Pop/Modern Middle-Eastern Musicians every belly dancer should know
• My Top (15) Pop/Modern musicians

Normally $36 FREE!

This last offer is only available to a limited number of Belly Dancers.  Get it now before it is gone!

ALL BONUSES Normally $63 FREE when you start today!

I want to level with you: If you were going to private lessons, you’d be paying a small fortune, and group classes can easily run into hundreds of dollars a month. If you can find one nearby that is. So…

What if Happy Hips @Home with Charni (that’s me) was 100% FREE?

I am so committed to you LOVING Belly Dancing that if you don’t feel like your hips have turned into Happy Hips, I’ll refund your money. Every cent.

Yep! I’m so confident that you’ll love it, I’ll take all the risk. You’ll even get to keep access to your Fast Start Lessons, & especially your FREE Belly Dancing Jangly-Coin Hip Scarf. Consider it a thank you for giving me a chance to teach your Hips to be Happy.

Give it a go for a full 90 days. I believe in sharing real value, so learn everything, watch all the videos, read all the information, and even get Video Feedback from me. If, after all that, you are unhappy with anything then let me know and I’ll give everything back, no questions asked.

I’m serious! If your Hips aren’t Happy then I don’t want your money!

Today You Get:

First 4 lessons of Happy Hips @ Home with Charni
& 4 FREE bonuses
including 4 Bonus Lessons
Hip Scarf & Extra Video Feedback

Get Started TODAY!
Normally $110

All Yours When You Get Started for $47/Month

You read that right. Up to now, women just like you have had to pay over $60 more to get all of this. Today, you’ll get it all for a no-holds-barred risk-free first month of $47 with no lock-in contract. Stay as long as you feel you are getting value! Get started straight away and you can start your Happy Hips journey in just a few minutes.

“But Wait!” I hear you say. “Charni, that looks like a subscription. Am I locking myself into a long-term commitment?” To which I reply, “Absolutely not!” You can stop any time you like, even after your first 90 days. I have years of lessons if you will have me as your teacher, but only for as long as you want. If you decide to stop, you’ll still have access to your lessons until your payment would normally be due. Come back anytime and I will continue your lessons where you left off.

Remember, I am taking all the risk. Even if you learn everything I have for you: All 12 Lessons, & get your Video Feedback Lesson, then decide that I am not the Belly Dance Teacher for you, you can cancel within 90 days and I will return all of your money. And you get to keep your Fast Start Lessons, Video Fedback, and your Free Hip Scarf as my thanks.

Here’s the next step…

Go to the order button below and click on it. You’ll be taken to an order page where you can choose your hip scarf colour and pay for your first month. You’ll have your very own Happy Hips @Home before you know it.

Get me started in minutes!
I want Happy Hips @Home with Charni
& All Bonuses Below Right now!

With my first payment I will receive:

My first 4 weeks of over 2 hours of Lessons (of my first 12 week course totalling nearly 6 hours of 12 Full-Length Lessons)

I will laugh and be entertained with anecdotes and Charni’s unique teaching style & Aussie sense of humour

I get to choose a colour for my FREE jangly-coin hip scarf to be sent to my door

I will be nurtured in a powerful and easy-going teaching style, helping me celebrate the body I am in

I get lessons designed specifically for beginning belly dancers that will stay useful as review material as I become advanced

I get ALL of the FREE bonuses including

  • Costume & Accessory Tips & Tricks for Happy Hips
  • Music & Musicians Every Belly Dancer Should Know

I have a FULL 90 DAYS to try the whole Happy Hips @Home Program risk-free with the 100% Happy Hips Money Back Guarantee

Normally $110

Yours For Just $47 per Month

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No Hidden Fees No Lock In Contracts

Welcome to your new Happy Hips Family!




Happy Hips Belly Dance

After talking to a friend about my secret yearning to dance, and laughing about it as I gestured to my rotund figure, she suggested I start Belly Dance Lessons Online. She said that Charni’s teaching style was so easy to follow and made it so simple that anybody could do it - and I could do it at home at a time when nobody else was around for me to feel self-conscious. So I tried it - after all with the money back guarantee what did I have to lose?

At first I felt completely out of my element, but Charni made everything so clear, I was able to follow her. I love the way the classes got progressively harder, I never had to worry about choosing from a big list, it was right there in my inbox.

Alison Richardson, Melbourne, Australia

Do You Want to Learn How to Belly Dance in a Supportive Funny and Naturally Guided way?
This is THE Best Way to Get You Started…

Right now, you have taken the time to read and learn what I have to offer with my Happy Hips @Home Course. You’ve read what my happy students have to say about learning from me, and you know you can get started 100% risk-free, since I take on all the risk with my Happy Hips Guarantee.

In a few minutes from now you can access your first lessons and immerse yourself in the rich and engaging world of Belly Dancing. Get started now. What have you got to lose? Your body is an asset and I’ll show you that you already have what is needed to be confident in a whole new way.

Normally $110

Yours For Just $47 per Month

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No Hidden Fees No Lock In Contracts