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“Imagine learning that your body was MADE to belly dance RIGHT NOW. I want to show you how many assets you have at your disposal, so you can dance like a veteran and won’t stop grinning with confidence”

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Professional Belly Dance Instructor
Happy Hips Belly Dance

- 8 Years Teaching Online
- 15 years Live Teaching Experience
- Melbourne, Australia

“I so love to Belly Dance, it’s a place where I can be curvy and not feel out of place. I never felt I fit in with other dance styles, I felt I was surrounded by “skinnie minnies” with their long legs and small hips. When Belly Dancing, I feel strong and powerful as a woman as well as attractive!”

With my job I travel a lot, so the online classes are really good because when I am not in town and staying at hotels, I can watch the videos on my iPad, which makes it really fun and I don’t miss out. When I’m doing the videos, I really like the fact that sometimes it does feel like she’s actually there, she’ll be like “keep your knees bent!” and I’ll be like, “oh yeah! How did she know that?”

Sheree, Mulgrave, Victoria Australia

Would You Like To Have Fun, Laugh (& Learn How To Belly Dance)?

I've been wanting to learn belly dancing for a very long time, but had trouble finding the right class with my busy schedule. Most online videos don't take the time to introduce you to the dance, like you did. I really appreciated that. You are very friendly and fun to learn from and you make everything look so easy!

Amara Schubert, California USA

I like the way she teaches so much, and she can teach you so much more than you think. The feedback videos are also very helpful, it makes you learn even more and gives you the chance to grow as a dancer.
I would recommend the eClasses to everyone even when you are not sure you can do it. Just give it a try and see what you can do and how much fun you can have with it.
Thank you Charni for being such an amazing Belly Dance teacher!

Magali, Belgium

So I did the lessons, and I am SO glad I did. Bits that haven’t moved for years are feeling GOOD now. I have only been practising a short time, but I can’t believe how much better I feel. I really feel I can do this and it will help me a lot.

Morgana, Queensland, Australia

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