“The Hunger Games” review: Attacks on Katniss’ Curves

I happened to go see The Hunger Games last night on a rare date with my husband, and I applauded that she was solid, muscular, fit and had curves rather than a skeletal waif-like frame. Now, as you know I am an advocate for healthy curves on a woman, and I found it refreshing to see a more realistic, strong female depiction (well what could be seen with all the shaky camera work). On the way home, I picked up a paper for the train and inside was an article saying how critics had slammed Jennifer Lawrence as having “too much baby fat” to accurately depict a woman living in a starving community.

How can this slim, fit girl be considered too big for The Hunger Games?

Charni of Belly Dance Lessons Online thinks that Jennifer Lawrence accurately represents a fit and strong young woman in The Hunger Games

This got me outraged. Especially as when I did my research on these critics that others criticised them for not being similarly harsh on the muscular, solid males, who were also meant to come from a food deprived district.

Why the double standard? Why are women criticised for being “normal” while men are not? I understand that males in the media also feel a pressure to have 6 pack abs and big biceps, however when you look at all the men in the media, including tv presenters, news readers and actors compared with their female coworkers, the women are always fit looking, perfectly groomed and often receive criticism on their looks not their talent.

It’s got to stop. Let’s focus on health and fitness, and leave theĀ  curves and wobbly bits alone. After all, without these, what’s left to shimmy with?

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