Bellydancing in a wheelchair?

I found an inspiring photo of a dancer doing a veil dance in a wheel chair

This bellydancer in a wheelchair is very inspiring to all of us!

It never occurred to me before that you could belly dance in a wheel chair, this picture I recently came across shows otherwise! I love the elegance of her lines, the colour of her costume, her stage presence, just gorgeous!

I don’t know who she is (if you know please tell me!) and it got me thinking about the subject of bellydance and disability. So I did a bit of research. I had already heard and blogged about using bellydance as a means to recover from illnesses, but what about if you are unable to stand or are confined to a wheelchair? One belly dance teacher in North and South Carolina claims she specialises in bellydancing in a wheelchair.

Then I came across a YouTube video for “Chair Aerobics”

So, while not common, it is entirely possible. I will be on the look out for more information, as this is fascinating and inspiring!



12 thoughts on “Bellydancing in a wheelchair?

  1. Please follow the guidelines of the Associated Press Stylebook

    and use the phrase “wheelchair user” when referring to someone who uses a wheelchair as opposed to either “wheelchair-bound” or “confined to a wheelchair”.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    The Limit-Less Campaign

    • You are absolutely correct and I apologise. I did not mean to hinder anyone through my use of language, as I too, know that language can be a powerful tool. I think anyone can be be limitless in their ability, hence the point of my post. The dancer in the photo has beautiful form and style regardless of the wheelchair. I was wanting to stress the point that such form and technique would be harder to achieve sitting in a wheelchair.
      I love feedback, and thank you sincerely for educating me.

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  3. Hy.. my name is Melissa. I’m person with disability, but I used to belly dence since 2010. Few days ago, I’ve created DVD – video lessons belly dance for woman with disability. My belly dance instructor and I made lessons for women with limited movements (like I am) and for women in wheelchairs (or women who must sit while dancing)
    On youtube and are choreographies.

    we posted group demonstrations of basic moves… We live in Serbia and the descriptions are on the Serbian…
    We want to promote belly dance for women with disability because it has so many good effect on woman’s body and confidence …

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