Don’t make me laugh! (or sneeze or cough!)

Yep, the old pelvic floor. Is it your friend or enemy? Can you laugh, sneeze or cough with confidence?

Dr’s and experts (even Oprah!) tell us to do our pelvic floor exercises – but do we? Let’s face it – no we don’t. Why? Because we don’t think about it, and because it is boring (and feels a bit weird!) After two kids my pelvic floor was not the same as it used to be. Luckily for me, I have an advantage that others don’t – I belly dance. Why is this an advantage? Because it exercises your pelvic floor unintentionally! Weeeee! (excuse the pun!)  Every time I pull my tummy in the have good posture, or do tummy pops, pulls, flutters and rolls, I am exercising my pelvic floor.

Do you want the same advantage? Well, go forth and belly dance! Come to my classes at Endeavour Hills in Melbourne or Belly Dance Lessons Online!

Here’s a video of me “exercising my pelvic floor” in a drum dance!